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Independent, fair, unbiased and safe. Because we do not issue MOT's, you can be sure we have no vested interests or find work that doesn’t exist.

Breakdown Recovery
We offer car and van breakdown recovery based in Leicester and the midlands, fully equipped recovery with sat-nav guideance.

Car Servicing
We offer a quick simple service or a more comprehensive full service to meet your needs, all to manufacturers specifications and at competitive prices.

Car Repair, Fault Diagnosis And Mechanic Servicescar bodywork respray

Let us have a look at if for you. With over 30 years of hands on experience we can fix any problem.

Whether it's old fashioned logical and methodic fault finding or the latest onboard computer diagnosis let us have a look for you.

Here are some of the common problems we fix:

Electronic Fault diagnosis

Often connecting to your cars OBD (On Board Diagnostic) can save a lot of time, that in turn saves money. We use the latest fault diagnostic equipment to track down stubborn problems.

We can undertake work on all makes:

Car Repairs Leicester

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