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Independent, fair, unbiased and safe. Because we do not issue MOT's, you can be sure we have no vested interests or find work that doesn’t exist.

Breakdown Recovery
We offer car and van breakdown recovery based in Leicester and the midlands, fully equipped recovery with sat-nav guideance.

Car Servicing
We offer a quick simple service or a more comprehensive full service to meet your needs, all to manufacturers specifications and at competitive prices.

A women friendly policy

We understand that the thought of garages and dealing with mechanics can be intimidating, so together with the help of my wife we have tried to design a car care service that is as friendly and easy as possible taking all the hassle out.

Here are some of our services.


We can take you car to be MOT’d to an Independent testing station, so you can be sure no unnecessary work will be invented


Some mechanics and garages have a bad reputation of finding unnecessary work and preying on any lack of mechanical knowledge. We pride ourselves on our honesty and have built our business on this policy, we are happy to take time to explain any work thoroughly.

Collect and return:

If your not comfortable coming to us… we'll come to you!

Whether its MOT's , servicing or the car simply won't start. We can come and collect your car, discuss you requirements and deliver the car back to you once the work has been completed.

You're in control:

We can give you a firm price for any work required.

Parts are fitted only with your permission, so no nasty surprises.

We listen:

Funny knocking noise? Car not driving like it did? Please tell us… no matter how trivial, It's your car, so you know it best.

Any suggestions?

Tell us if you think of ways we can improve our service.

For a quick and friendly service give me a call
(0116) 2531 962 or 07740 716 419

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